Powering servos from the 5V rail on the jetso nano

Jetson Nano 2Gb

I’m looking to interface with a PCA9685 16 Channel 12 Bit PWM Servo Driver with the Jetson Nano.

From experience I know that you need to power the servo and other devices from an external power source to avoid burning out the circuits on the board itself.

However, during testing I’m looking to only interface with 2 sg90 servos with an absolute max draw of like 1A for both in an exaggerate worse case scenario. From a response obtained from a different question, I found that the 5V rail has a max current draw of 5A here. I believe that it shouldn’t provide much issue to power the boards V+ pin with the 5V rail and the Vcc pin with the 3.3V other than maybe noise. I would appreciate any sort of help understanding where the flaw in my reasoning would be.

I’m also perplexed at the power draw passing through the urb connector powering the jetson as is. I’m assuming that all the current being pulled from the servos would be pulled from the usb c. If the power supply to the jetson is insufficient, would it just cause the jetson to shut off or would there be any chance of damage to the board?

I will be using an external power source for the actual project but in building the code I would rather not have to depend on that since I’m on the move pretty frequently and code whenever I get a chance. Setting up is just a headache sometimes.

You can estimate and use the 5V power pins of 40-pin header. It can be up to 5A output.

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