Powering the Jetson TX2

I was just reading a topic on the powering of Jetson TX2 board using the Kobuki. I wanted to know, if we were to use a 2200mAh battery, will it be necessary to add a filter? Or is it only in the case that we power it on using the kobuki? Sorry, im kinda of a beginner when it comes to electronics. (and pretty much dont want to blow up my tx2 on the first try XD )

What voltage is your battery? Max voltage on the developer carrier board is 19.6V.

Static electricity is always a risk, make sure ground side is good throughout the vehicle.

Also, if you have any inductive loads (or any load other than the Jetson) on the battery you probably need some sort of surge protection (some power modules for dc-to-dc will regulate and protect against surges).

Its a 12V, 2200mAh LiPo battery. And there aren’t any inductive loads as such. So, will powering the Jetson TX2 directly from a DC battery be fine? TIA

If only the Jetson is powered by the battery I would think that yes, it will work without anything special. Some people do add a large capacitor near the connector (not always needed, but it seems that if there is resistance in the line the initial required current draw is better met with a large capacitor, e.g., if the battery is not fully charged or wiring is long).

NOTE: It doesn’t mean there wouldn’t be an advantage to a converter…perhaps near more fully discharged something which holds a constant output at around 18-19V might run longer, but it is a bad idea to deep discharge batteries anyway.

Oh, thanks for the info! :D