Powering Xavier via type-c (Solved)

I have the dev kit and have Jetpack installed.

Is it possible to power the developer kit via Type-C. I would have to power this on a mobile robot and I plan to use a Energizer pack or something similar (I used it on the Tx2). What can I use here (size of the DC barrel) or type-c battery pack ?

Hello, sunil.somarajan

Yes, you can power the Dev Kit via USB Type-C.
You can also use a 5.5mm x 2.5mm barrel male plug to give 9-20V DC power on the DC barrel jack.

I wish there were some connectors with better positive retention. When driving on bumpy ground, the TX2 devkit barrel connector would vibrate and lose power. USB-C doesn’t seem mechanically much better to me.
Screw connectors, or at least 100mil pin headers, would be preferable.

Hi snarky, you may see aftermarket carriers from the ecosystem being announced soon that offer secure locking connectors for power delivery.

That may of course be the case, although I had a pretty bad experience with third party carriers and drivers for the TX2.
The new carrier board is pretty much perfect for many ad-hoc mobility solutions (perhaps apart from the heavy heatsink!) so it’s sad we didn’t get that one power supply glitch fixed, too. Maybe some hand soldering could fix that…

Hi snarky - as dusty_nv alluded to, Connect Tech just released a new carrier board supporting the Jetson Xavier. Check out our new Rogue Carrier. For any questions, please contact us!

That does look interesting! Will you be posting pricing on your web site, or do I need to actually contact sales?
(You’d save yourself some time just posting the price, you know …)

Also, the promo images seem to show the stand-offs for the NVMe M.2 slots being mounted on the wrong side. Will this be fixed on release boards, or am I looking at the images wrong?

snarky: We sell through distributors and resellers, so please contact our sales team for a quote. Please reiterate your question to the sales team and they’ll be able to answer. Thank you!

Do I need a usb 3.1 Typc-C cable from a host PC(with usb 3.1 port) for powering? Since usb 3.0 only provide 5V/0.9A and not enough power. Usb 3.1 provide 20V/5A

I tried USB-C host [USB 3.1 Gen 2 type C] to USB-C Xavier.
Though not sure if the Host’s USB-C provides power-on-delivery.
That did not work for me , but I will try other ways out.

Hello, I want to know if I can use my power plug of my MacBook Pro usb-c for using as power on my jets on Xavier?

Is it possible to have both USB-C 9V-20V and Jack 9-20V attached in a way the system will use USB-C power , and if it exhausts it will switch to using Jack power input?

Andrey, did you find an answer to this? Can the AGX be dual powered (barrel jack + USB C)