poweroff turns into reboot on Drive PX2


I just start using a new PX2 system, and am a bit confused how should I properly shut down the system because of the following:
in Ubuntu OS on the board, every time I try to shut down the system by issuing “sudo poweroff” or “sudo shutdown now”, the screen will be black for about 10 seconds, meanwhile the fans are still running; afterwards, the OS reboots!
Is this normal? if yes, should I turn the power button off during the screen black period?


Dear xiaojun.wu,

I usually shut down the OS, then send the “power ab off” command to the AURIX.
Doing so I take away the power from the Tegras after shutdown avoiding a hard poweroff.

hi steve,

Thank you for your reply.
I am still a bit confused. Once you shut down the OS (Ubuntu, I assume), how could you still send the “power ab off” command?

Dear xiaojun.wu,

You should use a separate terminal on Host PC for Aurix command input.
Please use minicom app to access DPX2 Aurix on HostPC. Thanks.

hi, steve,

Thank you for the suggestion on accessing Aurix using minicom.

I did get the minicom work with PX2, and went through the “OS off, then ‘power ab off’ Aurix” process successfully at the 1st time; but after that, minicom has issue to connect, and the error message appears at Host side is as below,
minicom: cannot open /dev/ttyUSB1: Input/output error

Please advise.

Dear xiaojun.wu,

Please use below link for Minicom Terminal Emulation. Thanks.

hi, steve,

I have followed the above link you provided for minicom terminal emulation; but I am still getting the same error,
minicom: cannot open /dev/ttyUSB1: Input/output error

By the way, on host PC, I can see the ttyUSB0-7 devices under /dev folder; and there is no /etc/minicom folder on my host PC.

Any suggestion?