PowerServiceHWVic::cleanResources - what does this usually mean? OpenCV + Gstreamer


This is my first post and I’m trying to weed out the gotchas for the nano. I’m using gstreamer and the nano to do some simple face detection and I notice that my scripts can’t gracefully exit. By this I mean that gstreamer can’t free up resources completely, and I noticed only specifically when I run heavy computations like:

eyes = classifier.detectMultiScale(gray_frame, 1.3, 5) # detect eyes

Could someone explain to me what is going on or the workarounds for this? Force quitting and hitting ctr-c to end my script once or twice is fine but gets to anyone if you have to run it repeatedly when prototyping

Please execute ‘sudo jetson_clocks’ to run in max performance. And run ‘sudo tegrastats’ to get system loading. Probably the system loading is too heavy.

The print is a service in nvarguscamerasrc that controls DFS(dynamic frequency scaling) of VIC engine. You nay set property ‘maxperf=1’ to always rub the engine in max clock.