Ppp0 used instead of wwan0 for different Telco sim card

Hi guys,

I am configuring the Jetson Nano with the 4G Hat(SIM7600G-H) for a RTSP/RTMP server.

My IP address for the sim card that I am using can be found on the wwan0 and video streaming is successful. Recently, when I change my sim card to another telco, the video streaming failed. After invoking “ifconfig”, noticed that IP was reflected on the ppp0 and not wwan0, and this causes my video streaming to fail. Nothing was changed on my hardware and firmware except the APN got to be changed due to the change of sim card.

My question is, what is the cause of this and can I force it to always use wwan0 so that my streaming will still work?

Any advice are welcome.

Anyone can give me any hints or suggestion?


Sorry that we don’t have much experience for LTE module. Maybe other users can share their case.

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