Pre and Post installation guide for L4T?

I’m having issues with Linux for Tegra Rel-19.

After flashing the L4T img(created with the “Driver” and “Sample file system” packages) to the Jeston-TK1 board, it auto reboots to the black screen without the warning text, I then do a hard reset and it boots to the desktop. The installer functionality is totally broken, when I run updates I get the message: “Sorry, Ubuntu 14.04 has experienced an internal error”. anything installed from the software center generates the same message, although I can use “apt-get install” for somethings. I added the universe repo, running a “apt-get update” then “apt-get upgrade” fails to complete. Attempting to unlock the clock settings under “Time & Date” closes the GUI, but I can set the time from “” and set the timezone then do “hwclock -w”. SD/USB drives won’t auto mount, can still be done manually. Installing Cuda 6.0 after downloading the toolkit and running the package, doesn’t work. It did work with the preloaded OS.

This is my second board that has had these same issues after re-flashing. The first board I had was defective, it had random triangles appearing on the screen, it would logout at times and sometimes reboot on me.

Any advice on what needs to be done beforehand and afterwards would be greatly appreciated. It seems that I’m missing something big that Nvidia left out in the install guide.