Pre-compiled MAGMA

PGI includes pre-compiled versions of LAPACK and the BLAS. These are sequential codes. PGI also has a parallel code product, CUDA Fortran. PGI has also been acquired by Nvidia which is all about parallel computing.

The absence of a pre-compiled parallel LAPACK code, i.e. MAGMA, is inconsistent with the thoughts implicit in the above paragraph. My experience in compiling MAGMA is that it can’t be done with pgcc/pgfortran because of the need to introduce pgcpp at critical points. It is possible to compile it with gcc and gfortran, because gcc seems to be able to handle the C++ code without any hitches, Name-mangling is a problem in actual usage however.

I, therefore, urge PGI to immediately go about creating a pre-compiled version of MAGMA and include it in the Workstation package - just as they do with lapack and blas.

Malcolm M Bibby


I will file an enhancement request on this, for consideration in a future PGI update. Thanks so much for the suggestion.

Best regards,