Pre-flash version 9.0 PCIe version puzzle.

According to this page I should update PCIe configuration/firmware before flashing:

Before upgrading to a new release please verify and update the PCIe switch firmware on your DRIVE AGX System before proceeding. Refer to the documentation to identify your current firmware, if different from 0x40014001, download the utility and follow the upgrade procedure.

However I am puzzled by the firmware/configuration version nomenclature.
Firmware attached to is in version 01.08.0.D58 or, which should be chosen according to configuration.

Configurations provided by the package:

  1. x1_default.pmc (ID - 0x40031001)
  2. x2_default.pmc (ID - 0x40041101)
  3. cvm_default.pmc (ID - 0x40040501)
  4. usecase3.0.pmc (ID - 0x40043001)
  5. comex_default.pmc (ID - 0x40031201)
  6. usecase4.0.pmc (ID - 0x40044001)
  7. usecase7.0.pmc (ID - 0x40057001)
  8. looback_e3562_x1.pmc (ID - 0x4002A001)
  9. looback_e3562_x2.pmc (ID - 0x4002A101)
  10. usecase4.1.pmc (ID - 0x40004101)

As you can see none of them fits the 0x40014001 which were mention by the note.

Can you clarify which version of the firmware we should flash and with which version of configuration?


You need to go with the usecase #4 configuration and 01.08.0.D58 is the firmware we would then expect.

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I encountered the same issue. which one did you actually mean for usercase #4?

  1. usecase3.0.pmc (ID - 0x40043001)


  1. usecase4.0.pmc (ID - 0x40044001)?

besides, I could not find switchtec command under /lib/firmware/pcie-switch/tools/prebuilt/. Actually I do not have pcie-switch folder under /lib/firmware

please advise.

Swichtec bundle is provided separately not through SDK Manager but via simple download link I also spent some time looking for it.

I have used number 6. usecase4.0.pmc (ID - 0x40044001) which targets firmware 01.08.0D58.

Number 4. usecase3.0.pmc (ID - 0x40043001) targets firmware 01.08.0058.


as infoavwc6 has written please use the file usecase4.0.pmc.

To be sure you have flashed the correct information, check with #version in the console as it should give you:

Firmware Version Major 01. Minor 08. Type 9. Build 058.
Device ID 8533
Device Revision 1
XML File Version 56


Thank infoavwc6 and Fabian.

I did download One of my questions was not about the switchtec bundle, but the “switchtec” command mentioned in the page:

I am unable to find this command at all from the host filesystem, target fs or the extracted files from the downloaded bundle, thus I cannot run the command as described in the page.

I did see the kernel driver was loaded for switchtec though.

nvidia@tegra-ubuntu:~$ lsmod |grep switchtec
ntb_hw_switchtec 13467 0
ntb 3314 1 ntb_hw_switchtec
switchtec 17667 1 ntb_hw_switchtec

never mind. found the tool online.


i was able to flash the PCIe switch using switchtec-user aswell. How does one connect to the so called “PCIe switch console”? Is this done using respective device and baudrate on minicom? I just wanted to double check for the configuration.

Also i can not find the path “/lib/firmware/marvell_sata” and therefore i am not able to flash the SPI ROM image for the RAID controller as a next step.

Best regards!