Pre_process() function in nvivafilter questions

I use nvivafilter to access the NVMM buffers. There are something in the pre_process() function that I don’t understand.
My image format is NV12. How do NV12 is store in the buffer? How do a make a pixel black?
Is there any documentations that you recommend? (I’m a newbie to this stuff)
Thank you.

Please refer to the README:

2. Image processing APIs
    a. Pre-/Post- processing
        i. input parameters:
            void ** sBaseAddr       : mapped pointers array point to different
                                      plane of image.

            unsigned int * smemsize : actually allocated memory size array for
                                      each image plane, no less than plane
                                      width * height.

            unsigned int * swidth   : width array for each image plane

            unsigned int * sheight  : height array for each image plane

            unsigned int * spitch   : actual line width array in memory for
                                      each image plane, no less than plane

            ColorFormat * sformat   : color format array, i.e.,
                                      * NV12 image will have:
                                      sformat[0] = COLOR_FORMAT_Y8
                                      sformat[1] = COLOR_FORMAT_U8_V8
                                      * RGBA image will have:
                                      sformat[0] = COLOR_FORMAT_RGBA

            unsigned int nsurfcount : number of planes of current image type

            void ** userPtr         : point to customer allocated buffer in
                                      processing function

        ii. output parameters:

Is there any tool to convert a .png file to RGBA format array?

You would need to decode png through software decoder and then convert to RGBA. May try gstreamer pipeline like:
Problem with opening png sequence by gstreamer and nvvidconv - #2 by DaneLLL

Is possible to pass arguments from gstreamer pipeline to pre_process() function?
I put my pre_process() function below. I noticed that if the pipeline was left running for about 15 minutes, the jetson became very slow. Can you recommend what I should do to speed up the code? Thanks

static void
pre_process (void **sBaseAddr,
                unsigned int *smemsize,
                unsigned int *swidth,
                unsigned int *sheight,
                unsigned int *spitch,
                ColorFormat  *sformat,
                unsigned int nsurfcount,
                void ** usrptr)
  if (sformat[0] == COLOR_FORMAT_RGBA) {
    cairo_surface_t *surface, *mask_surface;
    cairo_t *cairo_context;

    surface = cairo_image_surface_create_for_data
            ((unsigned char *)sBaseAddr[0], CAIRO_FORMAT_ARGB32, swidth[0],
             sheight[0], spitch[0]);
    cairo_context = cairo_create (surface);

    mask_surface = cairo_image_surface_create_from_png("Square_Mask_v2p00.png");
    cairo_set_source_surface(cairo_context, mask_surface, 0.0, 0.0);

    cairo_destroy (cairo_context);
    cairo_surface_destroy (surface);

Please run $ sudo nvpmodel -m 0 and $ sudo jetson_clocks to run CPU cores at maximum clock. This shall bring optimal perofrmance.

And please run $ sudo jetson_clocks to check system status. Probably the system has hit thermal condition and gets slow.

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