Precise position information missing from specification

The Jetson Nano Carrier Board Specifiction, P3449_B01, does not specify the location of the four (4) mounting holes, or the location of pin one of the 40 pin connector.

While this info might be available via an examination of the step file for the Jetson Nano assembly, I find that the step file when viewed from FreeCAD has only a single object that does not an examination of the individual items within the step file. So, this little bit of info remains hidden.

As I’m about to spend a considerable sum on PCBs that will mate with this board I’d like to make sure that my “guess” is correct.

Please provide a source containing this info.

Chuck Glasser

Hello @FlashPackets,

I tried to find this information, but was unable to do so. I think it is best if we move this post over into the Jetson forums, they should have the right links for the correct details.



Thanks for your reply. It’s amazing how something simple can sometimes be so difficult to find. If one had the PCB editor up and running, it would take about 15 seconds per coordinate.

This info is something that should absolutely be in the specification.



Hi, we generally provide detail info of module as devkit is for development only, not for a product usage. Regarding your request of carrier board, you can refer to the P3449 design files package to get the PCB file of devkit carrier. It contains detail dimension info.


You make way too many assumptions that are simply not the case.

  1. I don’t have Orcad or any other Cadence tool.

  2. Don’t have Allegro either.

  3. I’ve searched through all the available resources available to me more than once. I’m not in the habit of asking for help unless it is necessary.

I’ve even tried by loading up the step files - nope, hopeless as the step file doesn’t appear to be navigable.

  1. The simple info I’m looking for, the precise location of the (4) mounting holes and the position of pin 1 of the 40 pin connector is only available via the PCB editor. See 1 & 2.

Please don’t trivialize my request. It should be available within the Specification and isn’t.

Over my career I’ve seen a tremendous amount of documentation. Hands down, Nvidia docs are the very best, except for this simple detail.

Will someone please take some initiative and look it up. Better yet, call up the PCB engineer and ask.



Hi, have you checked the 3D STEP model of devkit below? You can search "Jetson Nano Developer Kit 3D CAD STEP Model (P3450) " in DLC.

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