precompiled MPICH2 and win64

I am trying to use prebuilt MPICH2 binaries on win64 (made for/with Intel Visual Fortran), and have been told that the interface has symbols in upper case and no underscores.

is it possible to make pgf90 use this win64 linking convention,
upper case symbols and NO underscores?
havent found the right options yet. -Mupcase + something to remove
underscores is what I need I guess.


Hi Helge,

Were still working on the best way to support this naming convension so at this time you can not use pgf90 to link with this prebuilt MPICH2 library. However, Microsoft does distribute with their Compute Cluster Edition (CCE), a MPI-2 library which does support the PGI name bindings. I believe that CCE is freely avaiable once you join Microsoft’s beta program at