PREEMPT_RT vs. Xenomai on TX2


I managed to compile and install a PREEMPT_RT patched kernel to my TX2 using the information I gathered from various threads on this forum. However, I was not able to find any detailed discussions around Xenomai. So I would like to ask some questions regarding the comparison of those two real-time solutions in the domain of TX2 or other Jetson boards.

1- How compatible is Xenomai with the Jetson family? As far as I know, the Jetson family has lots of drivers to deal with different components such as the GPU, do these drivers have an effect on Xenomai’s performance on a Jetson system?
2- In many publications, it is reported that Xenomai has better hard realtime performance with less jitter than the PREEMPT_RT patch. To my understanding, real-time performance is closely related to the system configuration, so in the scope of the Jetson family, how do Xenomai and PREEMPT_RT compare?


For people who are looking for ways to use PREEMPT_RT patched kernels, I’ll leave some links below!

Hi prevdev,
Xenomai is not yet tested on Jetson. PREEMPT_RT patches are already enabled on Jetson.
Please share your findings if you try Xenomai on a Jetson board. We will also check about Xenomai but that may take some time.