Preferences changes

I found a window on the Isaac Sim GUI that seems to allow for changes in preferences, but changes do not seem to apply even after altering the values and restarting.
Specifically, I want to change the fps settings during simulation and rendering.
Are there any documents or resources that could be helpful?

@Atsushisaku here is one of the ways, see if it helps:

Thank you for your reply.
If changes made on the GUI are reflected in the command, can I assume that the changes have been successfully applied?
Specifically, I have altered the Simulater > Min Simulation Frame Rate and Stage > New Stage > Default Animation Rate (Time Codes Per Second), but I do not perceive any difference during the simulation.
It might be due to my lack of knowledge, but…

This setting is just for the MINIMUM FPS for simulation. This is not your actual simulation FPS. If you want to change that, you need to change your actual stage FPS here