Premiere, After Effects & Matrox Axio board Where should I post my topic?

I’ve got some questions about GPU acceleration in combination with the following applications:

  • Premiere CS4 and up
  • After Effects CS4 and up
  • Matrox Axio boards (SD and LE)

What is the best spot to post my questions on this forum.
Please don’t squeeze me in with the gamers section; this is not a fun issue. :mellow:

You could try the “Games and Other Applications > …and more” forum, there seem to be some other Adobe users there:

Maybe we should create a CUDA applications forum?

I think you should create a serious application forum here.

I don’t want to be mixed in with the gamers.
It’s something completely different and before you know there will be “advice” by teenagers who think they know it all.
Working with GPU apps is not a game.