Prepare3D v5 hfx2 Consumes VRAM Generates DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE-HUNG

Lockeed’s new version of Prepare 3D version 5 was released back in late April. one of the big improvements is the adoption of DirectX 12. Based on my research and small degree of knowledge of DirectX 11 &12 is that there was a major change in how VRAM is used and weather or not shared memory is used at all.

I am running an EVGA 2080 Super w/8 GB of DDR6. The new version of Prepare3D v5 runs for about an hour and then you get this error code ”DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE-HUNG” which translates to a more verbose error saying you are out of VRAM which hangs Prepare 3D v5. Now 8 GB of 6 GDDR is no small amount of VRAM as the 2080 TI is limited to 11GB. When prepare 3Dv5 runs for it quickly consumes up to 5.8-6.4 GB of this memory. Much if this is our addons for scenery which are important as this is a Flight Simulator. Sadly, we can reach these numbers with only one addin.

I understand we can use SLI and install a second card to double the VRAM but that would constitute $900. Is there anyway to get Prepare3D v5 to use DirectX 12 but also use the shared memory like it did with Direct X 11? If not, can we get NVidia to open a case up directly with Lockheed’s developer team on the back end and figure out how to resolve this issue?