Presetting the IP address before flashing

I’m trying to preset the IP address of the Nvidia Jetson before flashing the device using the Nvidia SDK manager. Is this something I can do in the tool or would I need to modify some files on my host system prior to flashing the Nvidia Jetson device?

Currently, after flashing the device, I have to manually go in and set the IP address. I need the device in a headless mode after flashing and this requires me to first connect up a monitor and navigate to the settings before I can operate as intended.

I’m using the Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX development kit and is recognized by the Nvidia SDK manager.

Note that most of the host PC files in “Linux_for_Tegra/rootfs/” are an exact copy of the flashed image. I say “almost” because some of the “rootfs/boot/” content is copied in at the start of flash based on flash command arguments (e.g., it would put in the correct kernel and device tree for the model being flashed). Everything in “rootfs/etc/” (including network setup) are a verbatim exact match to what gets flashed. If you know exactly which files must be edited, then you could edit there, and then that content would already be present after flash. I don’t know which files for network setup.

I tend to have created my user and home directory and system hostname prior to ever flashing. Saves a lot of time. My network setup is actually customized in my router, and so DHCP can “do its thing” and it’ll all “just work” ™ :P.

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