Prevent Omniverse Toolbar from loading at start up/new/load/reset scene

It seems that something is forcing the Omniverse toolbar to appear at startup, regardless of it being hidden during previous shutdown of 3ds max. The thing is, at this point I don’t need the toolbar present all the time since I am currently not dependent on Omniverse in my daily work, but it is highly annoying having to disable it every time I start up 3ds max.

I would find it very convenient if there existed a simple checkbox with a persistent setting where you can set whether to open the toolbar at start up or not.

I also notice that it pops up every time I reset or load a scene it pops up as well, so it looks like there is an event callback that triggers a function loading the toolbar for new scene, load scene, and reset scene events. This behavior is very undesired for me.

We are aware of this. It was programmed this way, but we can look into turning it off for future versions.

Thank you @Richard3D , it is highly appreciated that you do. Thank you again.