Prevent Package Uninstall

Deploying the app will result in my app to be removed from the device (the log file says something about PackageManager uninstall).
I am using OBB to store my app data (sdcard/Android/obb…), for testing I copy it there manually, later it will be downloaded form the google server.
The problem is, everytime I deplay the obb file gets removed and hence may app can not load its data file.

Can this be prevented?

A intermeditae solution would be to add something to copy the obb with every deploy. But the most efficient way would be to not uninstall the app and only update what needs to be updated.

Thank you!

Edit: I noticed NVPACK does not come with the latest SDK/NDK/Tools and I updated those with the SDK Manager. All worked good and the Debug monitor is also more stable. But I have the feeling it broke the debug module, since my breakpoints are no longer working. :-)

vc-android seems to be an older or customized version. I checked out the new one and it contains some special options how deployment works (keep old data, uninstall, etc). But I could not get it to work the the toolchain.

Would it be possible to update the complete NVPACK to the latest versions of all tools? I have the feeling I am missing out a lot of bug fixes, especialy in SDK tools, which are no in NVPACK.

Hi - we plan to update TADP/NVPACK very soon! stay tuned ;-)

Hello Xood,

I have failed to reproduce the issue. I was using a Hello World Nsight Tegra sample and have also pushed a file named to the /sdcard/Android/obb directory on my device. Version code and package name match those in AndroidManifest.xml. I tried re-deploying the project and adb-uninstalling it manually but to no avail - the .obb file was still there.

Is there something I have missed to reproduce the behavior which you have described?

Just checking. Did you copy the obb file into the subfolder “com.example.hellojni” or directly into …/Android/obb – which would be the wrong place.

I am trying it out again soon, but my Tegra device discharged as I left it on all night. :-)

I like to drop in here some requests regarding the forum, I found no “general” sub forum here.
Using Google Chrom, I never stay signed in. Would be nice if this feature would work with Crome.
Then I am missing an eMail notification. I wish it could sign up to threads so I am informed about new posts. Right now I am here daily, but normaly I would not check that often and miss out on a lot of followups to interesting topics.

I just tried it using the “Android Hello World Demo” and my obb folder gets removed. I hope it has nothing to do with the updates I pulled for the SDK-Tools.

Strange, I have tried both /sdcard/Android/obb folder and /sdcard/Android/obb/com.example.hellojni one. In either case the .obb file is not removed. My SDK tools are updated to the latest version and my device runs the latest official Android.

maybe you should check your configuration of debugging: right click the project. Property>Configuration Properities>Debugging->Clear User Data , Selecting Yes will Clear your data if your data is put in your apk directory.

Best regards