Preview 2 and CPU/GPU Pipeline

When I run “python” on Preview 1, I get the following output:

Importing module 'gym_37' (/mnt/nas/jim/software/nvidia/isaacgym_1/python/isaacgym/_bindings/linux-x86_64/
Setting GYM_USD_PLUG_INFO_PATH to /mnt/nas/jim/software/nvidia/isaacgym_1/python/isaacgym/_bindings/linux-x86_64/usd/plugInfo.json
Not connected to PVD

When I run the same example on Preview 2, I get this output:

Importing module 'gym_37' (/mnt/nas/jim/software/nvidia/isaacgym_2/python/isaacgym/_bindings/linux-x86_64/
Setting GYM_USD_PLUG_INFO_PATH to /mnt/nas/jim/software/nvidia/isaacgym_2/python/isaacgym/_bindings/linux-x86_64/usd/plugInfo.json
WARNING: Forcing CPU pipeline.
Not connected to PVD
+++ Using GPU PhysX
Physics Engine: PhysX
Physics Device: cuda:0
GPU Pipeline: disabled

Is it expected that Preview 2 uses the CPU pipeline instead of the GPU pipeline? Was the CPU pipeline used on Preview 1 as well, even though no message was printed?

CPU pipeline was also used in Preview 1, we only added a lot of new warning/info messages in Preview 2.

In any case, using GPU pipeline won’t change much for this example, the only part to switch to using the tensor
API would be set_sim_rigid_body_states(…):

    if evt.action == "reset" and evt.value > 0:
        gym.set_sim_rigid_body_states(sim, initial_state, gymapi.STATE_ALL)