Primary display doesn't work properly with multi-monitors on new NVIDIA Driver.


I am having an issue where it appears that the newest Nvidia driver is causing issues for me with multi-monitor setups in ANY game. If I run a game at 1920x1080 or lower resolution, it displays on my secondary monitor which natively runs at x1080. My primary is at 3840x2160. No matter how many times I select ‘display 1’ in whatever game or program I am using, it still uses the secondary monitor for some reason.

The only workarounds I have found are upping the display resolution or running the game in windowed mode (can’t do fullscreen as it just defaults back to secondary monitor for no reason.)

Bonus issue: If I disable the display in Windows, or otherwise unplug it - any game I try to run afterwards doesn’t work at all!

Is there any way to fix this issue so that I can get software to properly run on my primary monitor without changing the display resolution? This has really been bugging me and so far nothing has worked. Help?