Primary SMD corrupted, cannot enable A/B slot redundancy

I have a remote Xavier NX which I planned to enable A/B slot redundancy on.

When I tried to update, I noticed all nvbootctrl and nv_update_engine commands return:
primary SMD is corrupted!
Segmentation fault

This is the error I was trying to avoid with A/B redundancy, though it seems it may be to late. Is there any way to enable redundancy now or re-flash the corrupted partition?

The device is using BSP 32.5.1.

Hi mp_ER,

Are you using the devkit from NVIDIA or custom board for Xavier NX?
Is that with eMMC or SD module?

There’s a similar issue as yours. Please refer it to check if it could help.

We are using the Quark Carrier from Connecttech.
This is with eMMC.

What is the name of the partition containing the SMD partition?
Is there a tool we can use to directly overwrite the corrupted partition?

Sorry for the late response, is this still an issue to support? Thanks

No, we were able to fix the issue by using “nandwrite” to rewrite the corrupted partition.

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