PRIME off rendering not working on Nvidia+Nvidia desktop setup with Driver 510.60.02

So I have a GTX 1080 and a GTX 970 in my system. I’m running the latest Manjaro (April 3rd 2022) and by default the GPUs are setup in the PRIME mode where one gpu has an output and the other is not able to produce a picture.

On the latest driver version as of this post (510.60.02), I am unable to get PRIME off rendering to produce anything but a black window. Moving it around does nothing, resizing likewise does nothing. The launched application is still fully functional but I cannot see what it is rendering.

On driver version 470.103.01 I am able to run applications using PRIME however the performance was worse than just running applications on my 970, and it seemed to hover around 60 fps in games even though vblank is off and my monitor is set to 165 hz with gsync. Obviously this is pointless to use if that’s the case, perhaps it’s some power management issue? I turned on prefer maximum performance for both cards during this test and it changed nothing.

To make things more frustrating, it seems my use-case for PRIME of using multiple desktop GPUs is extremely undocumented around the internet and I frankly don’t even know if NVIDIA supports this. Considering that it is less functional in the latest drivers suggest that they don’t. From what I can see I must use this if I want to actually make graphical use out of my gtx 1080 without removing the 970 or swapping its positions on my motherboard which is just ridiculous.

Any help would be MUCH appreciated and I suspect someone else will run across this issue in the future and have similar thoughts to mine regarding it…