PRIME Render Offlod vs PRIME Synchronization, tearing

Up to these day i was using prime-select nvidia with PRIME sync enabled, and it was working flawlessly. Now i have some time, and i started testing Render Offload and in most cases works well. However, in some cases i can see tearing, that it not present in nvidia mode. I was trying to check if Prime Sync is enabled, but “xrandr --verbose|grep PRIME” returns nothing, so:

  1. Should Prime Sync work together with render offload, or they are completely unrelated?
  2. If Yes, how to configure it
  3. If no, what gives best chance to solve tearing problem when using Render Offload?

It should be/is working without any additional config other than the known for normal PRIME sync but there seems to be a bug so it doesn’t work (always) with Vulkan, should be fixed soon: