Print need to come in uart when reboot or shutdown provided on jetson Tx2 SDK32.4.3


I am using jetson TX2 4GB module with SDK 32.4.3.

how we can enable the logs of system service file for start and stop of services.
i want to see this logs on UART when ever we are doing shutdown i want to see all service detail which is stoping.

hello anupam.kumar,

could you please share your serial port connections.
it’s by default having debug uart via 40-pin expansion header.

Hi Chang,

UART console is working fine…we are getting all the logs but i am not getting system service logs on UART…how we can enable it?suppose i am shutdowning the device,i am not able to see all serivices on UART console during shutdown…can you help here

Hi Jerry,

Any update on this.

my requirement is …Print need to come in uart when reboot or shutdown provided on jetson Tx2 with SDK 32.4.3?

i earlier used TX1 with SDK 24.2.1 there we use to get print autmomatically while shutdown and rebooting?? is that log disabled now?

hello anupam.kumar,

what did you mean about system service logs?

Hi chang,

so when we are runing shutdown command at that time all running services will be stop one by one and device will be shutdown so we want the logs on UART which services are stoping and then device is going to shutdown…that logs we want on console whicle rebooting or shutdownng the device

hello anupam.kumar,

did you mean /var/log/syslog ?
please have below modification to enable the systemd logs on debug console.
for example,


Hi Chang,

After changing above,i am amble to all services logs on debug console.

but my bluetooth firmware loading is getting failed,i am using /dev/ttyTHS3 UART for bluetooth and i am loading bluetooth firmware at startup and it is failing. can you please suggest here both UART ports are different why it is happening.

hello anupam.kumar,

it looks you had issue when loading bluetooth firmware instead of enable logs to introduce such failure, right?
could you please have another discussion thread to track the errors, please also share the logs for reference,