Printf inside kernel

I would like to make use of printf() inside an OpenCL kernel.
I use a geforce GTX460 and I have read that with this Fermi card
it is possible to use printf() inside a CUDA kernel.
Ayway, nothing is printed by the printf() I put inside my OpenCL kernel.
Has anybody succeeded in doing so?
Thanks in advance

Section 6.8 part f of the OpenCL 1.0 specification clearly says that the C99 stdio.h isn’t supported in kernels. I know Apple do support it for CPU cide in their framework, but it isn’t part of the standard.

AMD support printf in kernel for both CPU and GPU devices …

Printf is so… AMDian…

Just wait for the next version of NSight to support OpenCL… and forget that really weird printf-style debugging…

What if the printf is not for debugging, but part of the program logic?

Unfortunately this seems to be a present - albeit only sometimes working - feature in Nvidia OpenCL.

So I am being bitten by this issue currently.