Printfs in SPE for Orin SPE JetPack 5.1.2/ Jetson 35.4.1

I added some printf (or dbgprintf) in the main.c provided in the spe-freertos-bsp directory.
After or during the flashing process ( flash SPE only with the option “-k A_spe”), I do not see these printf on the minicom terminal I have opened on my host. I see many flashing/ and linux boot logs but not these printf. Note I also can see the printf_isr from the timer.c app. Do the printf need a special configuration to work ?

I’m not sure where do you add the printf. It may fail if some low-level initializations are not done.
My suggestion is to add printf in main_task after debug_init is called.

No special config is needed for printf.
In ISR, printf_isr should be called.


Thank you. printf AFTER call to debug_init() work.
Good to know

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