Probably read wrong WIFI MAC address in TX1 module

After booting, go to read WIFI MAC address, Probably read the wrong MAC ADDRESS(00:90:4C:16:70:01).Our carrier board does not have EEPROM.What is possible to try or check?

Better sharing the boot up log from uart console. Also, the eeprom which has mac address is on module, so it does not matter if your carrier board does not have eeprom.

Why did I read the wrong MAC address (00: 90: 4C: 16: 70: 01)?What does this mac address mean?
What are the possible directions to debug?

What does this mac address mean
This is a hardcoded value in our driver.

What are the possible directions to debug?
Please share the boot up log with us first.

To Provide boot up log,refer to attachment.

24.2 log.txt (84.1 KB)

I would suggest you to upgrade to rel-32 or at least rel-28 if possible. Rel-24 is a little too old for debug here.

Anyway, I saw there is i2c error so eeprom read gets failure.

i2c_read of GPIO expander reg 5 failed: -121
ERROR: Cannot read board ID EEPROM
WARNING: failed to read board EEPROM
i2c_read of GPIO expander reg 5 failed: -121

Are you using a custom carrier board?

Yes, we use custom carrier board.As mentioned earlier, there is no eeprom on custom board.The client still uses the old version, we need to find out the problem

Hi cancel27,

The eeprom for mac address is on “TX2 module”. It should not matter whether your custom carrier board has eeprom or not.

For debug only, please try to put this module back to nvidia devkit and flash it with rel-28.3 and see if this mac address is still wrong or not.

case 1. It is correct, then please flash with rel-24.x again with devkit and see if it is correct or not. If it is again correct, then please confirm if any hardware design problem on your custom carrier board.

case2. If it is not correct, then it is possible something wrong with this module.