Probe returns mismatched source id of video feeds

only nvmultistreamtiler will combine the batch buffers to ones frame. the tracker_src_pad_buffer_probe is added on tracker. every frame has own source_id before tracker plugin. can you still reproduce the issue based on runtime_source_add_delete? if yes, please share the simplified code.

  1. We’ve added the probe on both the tracker and the pgie, with the same erroneous results.

  2. Our C++ pipeline is dynamic, and so it allows for the addition of sources at runtime, as demonstrated in the runtime_source_add_delete code you linked to.

great, please share the simplified code based on runtime_source_add_delete if you can reproduce.
you can also compare with my modified code.

Hey @fanzh
There are parts of our code that my colleagues would prefer I share to your inbox or email; is this possible?

please share with forum private email.