Probing the Xavier Target Board failed

Dear all,

I’m installing JetPack 4.1.1 for my Xavier Devkit from my host PC with Linux 16.04 under VirtualBox in Win7.
It always failed when going to the step to flash the target board.

I use a network switch to connect both my host PC and the Xavier kit. The network connection has no problem. But once flashing the kit, it will popup a window to ask me to connect the typy-C USB cable between the PC and the Xavier (to the USB port opposite to the power port), as well as putting Xavier to USB Recovery Mode. And after Pressing Enter, it still fails, the log says “Probing the target board failed.”

When I use “lsusb” in host, there is no NV device is detected.

Please help!


Most likely the host is capturing part of the USB and not passing it through to the VM. You need to be certain your VM owns everything on the port. If there is disconnect and reconnect, then the VM needs to still get ownership.

Thanks linuxdev for your comments. Now the NV kit can be detected by adding it in the device filters.

It needs unplug and plug again after adding the filter table. Thanks!