Problem about analog inputs sampling with jetson xavier nx

I’m using a Jetson Xavier NX board development kit. I need to read an analog voltage from a potentiometer. I believe my board does not have an analog input pin. I’m right?
Maybe I could use an Arduino board to solve the problem, but I would only like to use one board.
For example, could I connect an ADC to Xavier NX via I2c or other pins?
Any suggestions are appreciated.
Thank you

No analog ADC, you’d have to add one. Boards like the Arduino Due have lots of inputs and might be a good choice (or other Arduinos). You could use i2c or SPI or ethernet to connect them (the ones I’ve seen are also 3.3V). A dedicated ADC might be smaller, but Arduinos tend to have a lot of flexibility, and wouldn’t be all that much larger in size.

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