Problem after running on Jetson TK1

Received my Jetson TK1 board, and it booted correctly. Ran the script. Ran fine, as far as I could tell. On power down-reboot, I get the usual scrolling log of booting Linux, then the screen clears to a single underline in the top left corner and nothing, no response to keyboard, etc.

Any suggestions?

Is there any keystroke that can pause the boot log and keep it onscreen for examination?

Is there any way to go back to the pre state?


Are you using the serial console? This should work even when regular video is corrupted. Settings 115200 8n1.

If only video in graphics mode dies, likely culprit after upgrade is running apt-get upgrade…see:

If you have corrupted via apt-get, you can simply copy the file over, e.g., via scp or on an SD card.