Problem booting after updating to Drive


I’m trying to update to release but after SDK manager finishes flashing TegraA+B, there is no output to HDMI display. If I use the serial port (/dev/ttyUSB2), I can see the login screen and can login using the default user.

I saw another post but in my case I don’t see any post-flash install running, the system looks idle. I tried reset and power cycle but it always just stops at the user login screen.

Is there a way to manually run post-flash install? I’m using Xavier board (not pegasus). Should I expect GUI to show using release?

Attached log of the boot output.

xavier_5.1.6.0.txt (72.7 KB)
sdkm1.log (5 MB)
DRIVE_OS_5.1.6.0_SDK_Linux_OS.tar.gz (423 KB)

Hi gordon1zrra,

We do not package Ubuntu desktop in the package starting DRIVE OS, customers need to install manually. We explain this in the docs as below

In the ‘Board Setup’ -> ‘Setting Up the E3550 Platform’ docs section,
The platform is designed as an embedded platform, not as a development system. Consequently, a desktop is not provided at bootup.

We will have better documentation in coming release.

Thanks for the info. I was able to manually install the gnome ubuntu desktop and it’s working OK now.