Problem booting tx2i module


We’ve enabled redundancy and after a few power-cycles are seeing the following error:

[0000.076] C> Failed to update boot chain
[0000.080] C> ERROR: Highest Layer Module = 0x54, Lowest Layer Module = 0x54,
Aux Info = 0x1, Reason = 0x2

What could be the problem and are there pointers that help figure out what the problem is?



Could you try to disable WDT (watchdog timer)?

Hi, please can i get pointers in disabling the WDT; i’m using L4T 32.1.

Also, is there any documentation on these type of errors, and what the cause is? Where can i look up such errors?

thanks for you help.


Sorry, if this is rel-32, then I need more info.

  1. Is this on devkit or your custom carrier board

  2. Please share the test step you are doing.

  3. How frequently would this error show

  1. This is on a custom carrier board.
  2. We are killing power to the board/module and applying power again.
  3. Happens about once in ten times.

Also, is it possible to get cboot source code for R32.1 to help debug this problem?

thanks & regards,

I’m seeing the exact same error. Is this in c-boot or MB2?