Problem compiling Gaussian 09 with -tp sandybridge

Hi there,

I’m not really a programmer, but am often able to deal with code that won’t build by making the small necessary changes. I’m trying to compile Gaussian 09 with -tp sandybridge-64 (I was originally trying sandybridge-64,haswell-64 with the same result). I’m using PGI 16.10 CE. It builds fine with -tp nehalem-64. With -tp sandybridge-64, I get:

pgf77 -Bstatic_pgi -i8 -r8 ‘-mcmodel=medium’ -mp=nonuma -tp sandybridge-64 -Mreentrant -Mrecursive -Mnosave -Minfo -Mneginfo -time -fast -O2 -Munroll -Mvect=assoc,recog,cachesize:2621440 -o l923.exe ml923.o l923.a util.a bsd/libf77blas-corei764sse3.a bsd/libatlas-corei764sse3.a -lpthread -lm -lc
ml923.o: In function ml923': /opt/sw/packages/pgi-16.10/gaussian/g09revD01/g09/./ml923.f:16: undefined reference to sacci1_’
make: *** [l923.exe] Error 2

This is identical source code otherwise. Can anyone give me a hint (or let me know what else might be necessary to point toward the problem)?

Hi Ryan,

Can you send your question directly to Gaussian’s tech support? They should be able to help you resolve the issue.

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