Problem compiling LAM/MPI

I tried compiling LAM/MPI 7.1.1 with a (mostly) default configuration, and I recieved the error:

"…pgprelnk TERMINATED by signal 11 "

I checked their mailing list, and they said that it was an error in the compiler.

I am currently using PGI Workstaton 4.0-2. Is there a patch for this, or do I need to purchase an upgrade?


Hi Brian,

We don’t want you to feel that you have to upgrade. However, with the 6.0 release we have modified how template instantiation is performed so that it is more ‘GNU’ like and that the LAM/MPI C++ library build process will ‘just work’. It’s not that they won’t build it’s just that to build C++ template libraries with pgCC, you need to do some extra steps which LAM/MPI’s build process does not automatically do. (See PGI users guide’s chapter on C++ template instantiation for further details)

While there are many other reasons to upgrade to 6.0, we’re happy to investigate this error and see if we can provide a work around. Which OS are you running and which version of LAM/MPI are you using?

  • Mat

I am trying to compile the latest (LAM/MPI 7.1.1) on a linux RedHat 9.

Hi Brian,

I was able to successfully compile and install LAM 7.1.1 on a Red Hat 7.3 system using PGI release 4.0-2. Most likely, the problem is due to a system incompatability since Red Hat 9.0 is not supported by 4.0-2. A list of supported systems can be found in your release notes on our release information page.

Unfortunately, you will need to upgrade. Please contact for more information.