Problem: core/memory/shader clocks are not reduced when GPU is idle

I have two GTX280 cards running under XP64, latest drivers (195.62_desktop_winxp_64bit_english_whql.exe), CUDA 2.3.

For some reason, Core/Memory/Shader clocks are not reduced from 602/1107/1296 Mhz to 300/100/600 Mhz when the card is idle. Right after the boot primary display card (monitor is connected to it) drops clocks to 300/100/600 but the other card keeps running at 602/1107/1296 regardless the fact that it has no work to do (SLI is not active, second monitor is off).

After the CUDA-related software run (for example, any sample from CUDA SDK) both cards start to work at full clocks until next reboot (or for a very long time, tens of minutes, I don’t know exactly). This problem is rather annoying as the system eats extra power as well as produce extra heat and noise when it is not necessary. Are there any ways to fix it ?

Thanks in advance.

That is a driver question, so they are probably going to get you! ;)

GPU’s not down-clocking on the latest driver, means you probably have ‘prefer maximum performance’ selected in the Nvidia control panel.

If you change it to ‘Adaptive’, and your second GPU will downclock.

Your first GPU should down-clock properly, no matter what you have selected.

Strange … for some reason, I don’t have the Power Management option:

Both SLI and PhysX are disabled, if it may give extra info …

Odd for sure…

I am also running 195.62 but on windows 7.

I have no explanation for that.

Internet says that this feature is available on Vista and 7 only, I use xp64 … bad news, heh. I can hardly believe that there is no way to make secondary GPUs power-flexible.

The boys at EVGA already have your second GPU not down-clocking, when set to ‘prefer maximum performance’ in the control panel logged as an official driver bug…

I am sure Nvidia is aware of it, and is currently working on a fix.

I always keep mine set to ‘prefer maximum performance’. I think it helps in benchmarks. :)

(Power is cheep in Ohio.) ;)

I do hope they fix it soon too.