Problem creating Mosaic while using EDID file

I have two NVS 810’s and I’m trying to set up a 4x4 mosaic. I don’t have 16 monitors on hand, so I set the EDID file for all 16 displays to be that of a single test monitor. The mosaic software will allow me to set up a 2x2 with no problems, but if I try to go beyond that(anywhere from 5 to 16) I get an error message that says “Mixed connector types are not supported”. The only display port that I’m connected to is the first one. Under EDID settings every connection says “DisplayPort (digital)”. Can you offer some guidance to get this working?

The solution was to use VGA connections for the physical monitors and not DVI. Loading the EDID file caused all of the display ports to default as VGA, it didn’t matter what connection type was used when the file was created.