Problem during installing NVIDIA drivers

Hello all,
I am trying to install a SimNet using the docker method, on an azure machine where Ubuntu 18.04 OS is installed. It has a tesla k80 GPU accelerator.
While installing NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit, for installing MLNX_OFED, I used this command which was given in the instructions.
" sudo ./mlnxofedinstall --with-nvmf --with-nfsrdma --enable-gds --add-kernel-support". It said command not found.
I tried to install it by downloading and unzipping the file also, but then it said “Current operation system not supported.” Please tell me, where I am doing mistake here?
Does my machine does not meet the necessary hardware requirements or is there any other issue?


Sorry for the delay getting a response. There was a small problem with notifications of this post not reaching the SimNet team - I believe that is now resolved and I will also ping the team.
Thanks for making time to report this.