Problem exiting sudo vi /etc/fstab

I was following along with the video Jetson AI Fundamentals - S1E1 - First Time Setup with JetPack. At 12:17, the presenter entered sudo vi /etc/fstab, which took us to a different screen. In that screen, the presenter entered: “/mnt/4GB.swap swap swap defaults 0 0” then says “and close it up okay now I’m set colon wq to close” starting at 12:54. Unfortunately, she never explained how to get down to the bottom of the screen (where it previously said “INSERT”) when she said “and close it up”, so I never could enter “:wq” and get back to the command window. What key strokes are needed to do what she did starting at 12:54 in the video?

Edit: I finally figured out that she hit ESC, then SHIFT: before typing wq to get back to the home screen.

You don’t need to use vi, but it is incredibly useful (I tend to use vi even when I have other GUI apps). vi uses the escape key to exit most steps and return to viewing. It is hard to describe because mostly I just use type by touch and instinct. Here are some hints though:

  • If in doubt, hit escape a few times to start over on something.
  • SHIFT-g to go to the bottom of page if viewing.
  • j to go down one line.
  • k to go up one line.
  • CONTROL-g to see status.
  • CONTROL-u to go to top.
  • To go back and forth top and bottom, alternate SHIFT-g and CONTROL-u.
  • l (lower case L) to go right one character.
  • h to go left one character.
  • w to go forward one word.
  • b to go back one word.
  • Some form of regular expression search after entering /. You probably want to avoid that until you know what regular expressions are, although you can search for literal words like “/swap” (then enter) would search for the word swap. n would go to the next match of the word swap, and SHIFT-n to go to previous match.

Anyone who will live in a *NIX/Linux world will find it useful to learn vi, but it isn’t an easy learning curve.

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