Problem for Bridge firewalling registered

Hi, I used 2gb Jetson Nano and the download Jetpack 4.5.1. I have worked through the Prepare for Setup, Writing Image to the microSD Card, and Setup and First Boot instructions. But the second time I cannot open it and it stuck at “Bridge firewalling registered”

Have you configured for bridge devices in any way? Or is this default network setup? If it is, does the wired ethernet connect to an ordinary router to assign the IP address? Is the Wi-Fi set up? If possible, can you get a full serial console boot log (which could be posted here, rather than a screenshot)? It isn’t just the log I’m wondering about, it is also whether it gets further in boot on serial console.

Also, have you edited the kernel at all?

Thank you so much. I think our Jetson nano is broken somehow

I doubt it is a hardware issue (though sometimes it is). Very likely it is a software problem. Most people don’t realize that an SD-card model Nano needs the Nano itself to be flashed such that it matches the content (rootfs) on the SD card. Unless you’ve set up the Nano itself correctly, the SD card won’t help. The memory on the Nano itself for SD card models is the QSPI memory. This probably needs to be flashed.

However, before doing that, it would be far better to create a serial console boot log, and post that here. It is quite common for boot to be 100% correct, but fail video configuration. One could possibly work on that via serial console and find out that it is just a simple problem with an easy solution. Screenshots will unfortunately not contain the entire boot sequence, and often the problem is actually found at earlier parts of boot. Can you get a serial console boot log?

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