Problem in compiling bison 2.7


I’m having some troubles in compiling bison 2.7 on Ubuntu 12.10 x64.

./configure reports that compilation failed with severe errors and that the failed program was confdefs.

I’ve looked around for informations about this “confdefs.h” header, but to no avail and the bison official documentation is rather lacking about installation issues.

Thanks in advance for any help, unfortunately I am not able to attach the configure log: I’ve tried putting it between code tags: the preview is ok, but as soon as I submit the post, the code is not displayed properly and the cut-off at a certain point, maybe it’s too long…

Hi AZaldei,

I’ll need more information such as your configure command, what compile flags you’re using, and the compiler. Bison configures fine for me but I do get some compile errors that, at first glance, seem to be related to GNU specific features in the code.

  • Mat