Problem in Isaac Sim Built on Omniverse

When I was following the instruction " Isaac Sim Built on Omniverse"(Isaac Sim Built on Omniverse — ISAAC 2020.2 documentation).
In the section " Warehouse Navigation with Carter",
I first launch Isaac sim with ./_build/linux-x86_64/release/ and load the carter_warehouse_with_forklift.usd in content. Then I run bazel run apps/navsim/navsim_navigate – --map_json apps/assets/maps/virtual_test_warehouse_1.json
and launch the https://localhost:3000
and change the pose to random in the “desired_behavior” in “SelectorBehavior”. However, Carter does not start navigating to randomly generated goal positions. In the terminal which I run bazel, it returns output
“WARN packages/engine_tcp_udp/components/TcpSubscriber.cpp@158: Failed to connect to remote. Will try again in 0.500000 seconds.”
What is wrong?

I forgot to run Robot Engine Bridge.