Problem in running openACC in Fortan with RTX2080ti

I am trying to run a Fortran code compiled with
CFT1=“pgf95 -g -O4 -i8 -r8 -mp=allcores -Mcuda rdc=false -ta:tesla -acc=autopar -ta=multicore -tp=haswell -Mlarge_arrays -mcmodel=medium”

Everything is ok with compilation process , but when Im trying to run the code , to use a RTX 2080ti GPU , I had this problem.
In fact, I would like to use parallelism in parts of the fortan code to use openAcc , and it works in an old version of the model , and now dont works anymore. (error attached)
Any idea of what I’m doing wrong ?
Thanks in advance

My error
zeta lives at 0x1357a40 size 1560648 partially present
Present table dump for device[1]: NVIDIA Tesla GPU 0, compute capability 7.5, threadid=4
host:0x1357a40 device:0x7f036ec00000 size:1449272 presentcount:1+0 line:651 name:zeta
allocated block device:0x7f036ec00000 size:1449472 thread:7
FATAL ERROR: variable in data clause is partially present on the device: name=zeta
file:/run/media/marciocintra/DADOS/MODELOS/Run_NE_INTER2/Compile/step2d_.f step2d_fb_tile line:651

Hi cintra,

It looks like there’s difference between the size difference between how zeta was created and the size it is when being used. Looks like it was created with a size in bytes of “1449272” but at line 651 of step3d_fb_tile, the size being used in 1560648.

First, check that the array shape syntax in the data clauses (i.e. the “zeta[:size]”) match between where you created the array and where it’s used.

Otherwise, has zeta been reallocated to a different size after it was created on the device?

If you can, please provide a reproducing example and I can better help diagnose.

Best Regards,

Ok Mat,

Thanks a lot …