Problem in running PES 2015 on Geforce 840M GPU

Dear Everyone,

Sorry for posting my topic here as I am new to this site.

I bought a Dell Laptop Inspiron 3542

CPU: Core i7-4510u.
RAM: 8 GB.
External GPU: Nvidia Geforce 840M

I am not able to run PES 2015 in good condition although my laptop meet the min. sys. requirements.
The game runs slow even I am using Min graphics from game settings and use low resolution.

Is this because my GPU does not support the game or I have to change setting for the game.

please help me.

  1. Try to install latest nvidia driver
  2. Be sure that You have selected “High performance NVIDIA processor” in preferred graphics processor combobox, I had selected Integrated Intel graphics.
  3. Select a physX processor in Nvidia Control Pannel (Set PhysX configuration)