Problem installing Jetpack on TX2

We’re trying to install Jetpack 3.2 on a Jetson TX2 using a host machine running Ubuntu 16.04, and it’s not working. The Jetpack software installs normally on the host system, and then it is able to install Ubuntu on the TX2, but we run into trouble when the software tries establishing the network connection between the host and TX2 to install CUDA and such. When it tries looking for the TX2’s IP address, one of two things happen:

If the TX2 is connected directly to the host PC with an ethernet cable, the software hangs up at the “searching for Jetson IP address” part.

If the TX2 is connected to a router alongside the host PC, the software reports that it can’t find the TX2’s IP address. If I select the “try again” option, it just keeps failing to find the IP address. If I select the option to enter the IP address manually, the software just quits immediately.

We’ve tried with Ubuntu 14.04, as well as Jetpack 3.0, but nothing works. Does anyone know anything about this? Thank you.

From the host PC what happens if you try to use ssh via:

ssh nvidia@<whatever IP address>

Does ssh work for more basic use? If you can ssh in, do you get any error from “sudo ls” (I’m just testing if sudo itself is set up, I don’t really care about ls)?

FYI, automatically finding an IP address requires a fresh flash. The need to manually enter the IP address is normal for a lot of circumstances, but having it close on you is not.