Problem installing Jetson tx2, jetpack3.1 from ubuntu 16

install target device : jetson tx2 Developer kit
installing file : Jetpack3.1

Installation environment

host: ubuntu 16

network: iphone7 USB Tethering

jetson network: directly via a spare ethernet port on the host PC
i selected option2 (

question 1.
I am have trouble installing JatPack3.1 from my ubuntu host.
no popup window(

question 2.
i want to test yolov2(cam) in jetson tx2.
can i test yolo, if don’t installing jetpack on jetson .?

thank you.


For question 1:
Device IP Address: enter your tx2 ip address
User Name: nvidia
Password: nvidia

An Ethernet cable plugged into the on-board Ethernet port, which is connected to either a secondary network card on your Linux host or the same network router providing internet access for the Linux host.

Please refer install guide from:


You need to flash image and install all the required libraries from JetPack first.
Please following the instruction provided by carolyuu and then test the YOLO2.