Problem installing TADP kit 2r4

I downloaded the new TADP 2r4 kit today (5/23) and when the install gets to the Cygwin installation, receive a message that an Infection was blocked. The file in question is PYTHON-2.6.5-2.TAR.BZ2.

This very same problem occurred when I was attempting to install TADP 2r2 in April. I posted in the Android forum here in the community but never got any response.

Is there in fact an infection in the Python file mentioned. How should I work around this issue. I already have Python installed.

The infection found by iolo System Shield is the W32/FakeAlert.FY.gen!Eldorado.

Another problem I ran into was the Tegra profiler installation failed because there was another version already installed. The Tegraprofiler.log file indicated that the existing version should be removed so that the version in the TADP could be installed.

The version of the Tegra profiler that is already installed is version 1.2 which is the same version that is being installed with TADP. Why should I have to uninstall the existing version 1.2 to get the TADP installation to complete without errors?

My question is once the existing version is removed, do I need to install the entire TADP again, if so how to best remove/reinstall.

to the best of our knowledge, there is no infection in these files - all were run through virus scanners before posting - this sounds like a false positive.

yes - please uninstall the old tadp before installing the new one.