problem regarding remote profiling on Jetson

I am using the cross-compilation method to develop and profile my application on Jetson dev-kit - as explained in the following link:

In the simple case, I can run the visual profiler on the host to get the overall GPU usage without any problem. However, when I try to use the “Examine Individual Kernels” option to get more detailed information, I get non-stopping error signals regarding some fifo operations and the process doesn’t terminate unless I stop it manually. Here is one of such signals:

“gk20a gk20a.0: fifo_error_isr: channel reset initated from fifo_error_isr”

Can anyone please explain what is causing this problem and if there is any work around? or if there is a way to run the profiler directly on the board itself? I know that I can use “nvprof” on the board to get general performance metrics, but I don’t know how to do it to collect more detailed information (similar to what “Examine Individual Kernels” does)!

I would appreciate any suggestion.

On the board you can run nvprof with --analysis-metrics option to collect the events and metrics required for Visual Profiler Guided Analysis. You can then import this nvprof generated data in Visual Profiler. Please refer for additional details.

For the remote profiling issue you see can you file a bug with a self-contained piece of code? It will also help if you can add following to the bug report-
a. Your L4T version.
b. Toolkit version on host and device
c. Host operating system