Problem regarding robot movement and keyboard control in Isaac Sim


I want to make my robot in Isaac Sim able to be controlled via keyboard. I am currently attempting to do this through two methods, but each has their own problems:

  1. When I follow the instructions shown here, in particular sections 3.3 and 3.4, and then add keyboard input code to the Script Editor to make it react to keyboard input (adapted from this tutorial), it moves erratically. Note that the robot has a different model to this one and the Z-axis is replaced by the Y-axis (i.e. the robot falls in the direction of the Y-axis).
  2. When I try to run a standalone application (adapted from here with a few tweaks), the robot model is not visible (it is visible in the first method), although it does react to input.

More details:

  • The robot model consists of a .usd file and an .obj file (there is also a .blend file and a .mtl file, I am not sure if it needs both).
  • I do not have access to my source code at the moment due to a current inability to access the computer with said code, but will do so as soon as I am able to. In the mean time, I hope that you could help me with the information I can currently provide.

Please let me know if any more details may be relevant to my problem.